There are three workshop slots in the day, and you can chose from the following interactive workshops labelled [C] for children’s work, [Y] for youth work, [F] for families work and [S] for Schools work.  You can read more about our workshop leaders here soon.

Workshop slot one:

  1. Children’s Spirituality: How to tread carefully  [C] – Rebecca Nye (Author).  This workshop will look at the steps we can take to give children’s spirituality the best chance to thrive. Using the framework from ‘Children’s Spirituality: What it is and why it matters’ (by Rebecca Nye) the session will cover 6 areas that can make a difference to our mindset and practice, and provide participants with a 6 point checklist for spiritually sensitive children’s work. The workshop will provide both time to describe and illustrate the 6 areas, and time to apply this to your context.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  This workshop will be useful for those who work directly with children in schools, churches or informally at home.

  2. The Future of Youth Ministry  [Y] – Nigel Pimlott. Learning and development Officer for Methodist Church.  This workshop will take a look at where youth ministry might be heading. It will consider some of the latest research about the subject and discuss what seasons, considerations and approaches might be around the corner. The workshop will be a mixture of input and discussions with the chance to share stories and perspectives.  Who might your workshop appeal to?   It will have broad appeal and have particular significance for anyone with leadership responsibilities.

  3. Who let the Dads out?  [C]  [F] – Suzanne Morton.  “Turning the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers” – learning how to reach out, inspire, resource and support both men in the church and the local community. A chance to strengthen families, invigorate communities and encourage Christian faith. Who might your workshop appeal to?  Children’s workers, families workers, church leaders and anyone reaching out to local communities.

  4. The Value of School Chaplaincy  [S] – Miriam Kearney.  This workshop seeks to explore the value of Chaplaincy in education and ways in which Chaplaincy can be transformative for school communities. Drawing on both theory and practice, this workshop will hopefully inspire and challenge you to think creatively about School Chaplaincy and provide you with lots of ideas to take away and use in your own context.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  This workshop would appeal to existing school Chaplains and those wishing to explore Chaplaincy.

  5. Identity Matters (working with sexuality, LGBT, trans-gender issues)  [Y]  [S] – Jody Wigfull-Coy.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “love the sinner but hate the sin”, “we need to pray the gay away,” “it says in the Bible Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” In this workshop we’ll be looking at how to answer the difficult questions raised in our churches and explore how we can support young people, however they identify, and their families.  Who might your workshop appeal to?Anyone who is working with young people and parents, either in a paid capacity or as a volunteer.

  6. Adventurous Discipleship  [C]  [Y]  [F] – Matty Hawthorne, Scripture Union.  What’s the role of risk and adventure in making disciples amongst young people? How do we raise up a new generation in Christ who are impassioned, adventurous and purposeful in their faith?  Come and explore some ideas.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  Anyone working with or raising young people and children.

Workshop slot two:

  1. Being Church Together  [C]  [Y]  [F] – Nick Harding, Southwell & Nottingham Diocese.  Church should be a place for everyone of all ages… but it’s not always easy to demonstrate the unity that God desires. In this workshop we will look at all the possible ways of being church across the generations, including all-age worship and other opportunities to be church together from the youngest to the oldest.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  Clergy, lay leaders, those who work with children and young teens, etc.

  2. Messy Church  [C]  [F] – Centenary Project Worker – Messy Church Co-ordinator – tbc.  Come and learn what Messy is all about – it’s much more than a family craft event!  You’ll meet others running Messy Churches around the diocese, and pick up ideas and inspiration for your next event. Who might your workshop appeal to?  Children’s and families workers, church leaders, pioneering mission teams, all age worship teams.

  3. Schools Ministry (Primary and Secondary)  [S] – Pais.  Innovative, fresh ideas to develop your schools ministry particularly focusing on mission, discipleship and study.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  Youth workers, children’s workers, schools workers and church leaders.

  4. When does online cross the line?  [Y] – James Brown, St Thomas Crookes.  Looking at computer addiction from someone with experience, and finding balance in a digital age. Who might your workshop appeal to?  Anyone who wants to have an honest conversation about computer addiction. For you, for someone you know, for youth workers or for people you lead.

  5. The Dating Dilemma: How to inspire God-centred Relationships  [Y]  [S] – André Adefope, Naked Truth.  What if we go out and it doesn’t work? How do we build dating cultures in church that create unity when things go well, and when they don’t? In this seminar, whether single, dating or married, we explore how we can be part of building this authentic, enjoyable, and godly dating culture.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  Youth workers, student workers, or anyone in church, who is working and supporting those who are dating or wanting to date.

  6. Embracing Children’s Spirituality in Play  [C]  [S] – Jenny Lambourne.  A creative workshop to begin to explore and recognise children’s innate spirituality. The workshop will offer a glimpse of a tool to develop skills as a more spirituality aware children’s or youth minister, parent or carer.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  Children’s and youth ministers, workers, parents anyone wanting to hone their awareness of spirituality.

  7. Boys to Men  [Y]  [S] – Tom Butler.  Simply put, we will be talking about how boys become men. How to help them, how to reach them and how to disciple them.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  Anyone working with boys, and involved in youth work.


Workshop slot three:

  1. All Together Now: becoming an intergenerational church  [C]  [Y]  [F] – Gail Adcock.  Finding ways to bring different generations together can often be challenging so in this session we’ll explore how to create spaces that are inviting to everyone regardless of age. Join us and have an opportunity to share your own experiences as well as hearing from others seeking to nurture health intergenerational church life!  Who might your workshop appeal to?   Church based workers, church leaders, volunteers, leadership teams, those with responsibility for all-age worship or gathering different age groups together.

  2. Boys, God and the Church  [C] – Nick Harding, Southwell & Nottingham Diocese.  A look at how boys develop, what they don’t like about church, what we can do about it. We will explore how to help boys grow deeper in their faith. Come ready to have some fun, hear some challenges and encouragements, and plan to address the lack of boys and young men in many churches. Who might your workshop appeal to?  Clergy, lay leaders, those who work with children and young teens etc.

  3. The Brain On Porn: How to help break the cycle   [Y]  [S] –André Adefope, Naked Truth.  We live in a culture that has anytime, anywhere access to pornography. Our young people are growing up exposed to online, unregulated porn. This seminar will help us understand the issues people face, and think about how to overcome the pull of porn, spiritually and practically.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  Anyone who knows people who are struggling with the issue of porn, those involved in any kind of pastoral role, and those who are aware there is an issue but want to hear a bit more about it.

  4. Political Young People [Y]  [S] – Nigel Pimlott, Learning and development Officer for Methodist Church.  Young people are re-engaging in politics! They voted in larger numbers at the last General Election and many are passionate about specific political issues. This workshop will explore how our youth (and children’s) work and ministry can encourage, support and resource young people to do politics Jesus-style. It will be interactive, informative and hopefully fun.  Who might your workshop appeal to?   This workshop will appeal to any youth worker or minister who wants to see their young people make a difference in the world and be better equipped to do so.

  5. Discipling Young People: how to engage young people in discipleship, what can you do, how can you see growth, creative ideas etc  [Y] – Annabel Stott & Hannah Redeyoff (Centenary Project).  You don’t need to be a Pinterest expert or the next Archbishop to know how to engage young people in discipleship. We’re all different, and every church is different, however we do know that we are all called to be disciples of Jesus. In this workshop, we will share stories of discipleship from our own contexts, look at how we can see growth, and offer some tools for your discipleship tool box. Who might your workshop appeal to?   Anyone working with young people in a variety of settings.

  6. Preparing Young People for University  [Y] – Katie Mclean (Fusion). Your young people are racing towards uni, filling out UCAS forms and going on open days. Before you know it they will have moved to a new city and will be finding their feet as freshers. This workshop will give you all the tools you need to prepare and inspire your young people for a life of discipleship and mission at uni.  Who might your workshop appeal to?  Youth workers, church leaders and university chaplains.

  7. Mental Health: Keeping healthy, avoiding the paths to poor mental health  [C]  [Y]  [S] – Rachael Newham. 1 in 4 will struggle with a mental health issue every year – and that means everyone is affected. We’ll be reflecting theologically on what mental health is, what the Bible says about it how we can best support the young people we care for.  Who might your workshop appeal to?   Youth workers, those with pastoral interests or particular interest in mental health or theological reflection.

You can show your preference of workshop when you book here.  We may need to move some of the workshops around, so remember you are only giving us your preferences!