There were three workshop slots in the day, and delegates chose from the following interactive workshops labelled [C] for children’s work, [Y] for youth work, [F] for families work and [S] for Schools work.

Workshop slot one:

  1. Naughty and Nice! Understanding children’s spirituality [C] – Carolyn Edwards (Cliff College).
  2. Never Underestimate the Power of a Puppet  [C]  [S] – Ian Jones (One Way Ministries).
  3. Godly Play  [C]  [S] – Kathryn Lord (Godly Play UK trainer).
  4. Getting to Grips with Family Ministry: principles and practice [F] – Gail Adcock.
  5. Young People and Mental Health  [C]  [F]  [Y] – Rachel Newham (Think Twice).
  6. Engaging Young People outside the Church  [Y]  [F]  [S] – Pete Baker (PAIS UK)
  7. Schools Ministry [S] – Neal and Nicki Goodwin.

Workshop slot two:

  1. All Age Worship  [C]  [Y]  [F] – Helen Cockayne.
  2. Godly Play  [C]  [S] – Kathryn Lord (Godly Play UK trainer)
  3. Special Needs / Autism  [C]  [F] – Melissa Simmonds (St Andrews, Psalter Lane & St Gabriel Greystones)
  4. Do young people care these days?  [Y] – Ben Palmer (The Children’s Society).
  5. Poverty and its Effects on Young People  [Y]  – Nick Waterfield.
  6. White Working Class Boys – an educational underclass [Y]  [S]  – Tim Elgar (The Centenary Project and until recently, e:merge)
  7. Identity Matters (sexuality, LGBT)  [Y]  [S] – Jody Wigfull-Coy.
  8. Creative Engagement with your local school  [S] – Amy Tolmie (schoolswork.co.uk)

Workshop slot three:

  1. Challenging Behaviour [C]  [Y] – Hannah Mounsey.
  2. Godly Play  [C]  [S] – Kathryn Lord (Godly Play UK trainer)
  3. Gaming for Children – Guardians of Ancora  [C]  [S] – Geoff Brown (Scripture Union)
  4. Messy Church – Fun, Food and Faith for all the Family!  [C]  [F] – Kim Gabbatiss.
  5. Social Media and the Digital Age  [Y] – Ben Palmer (The Children’s Society).
  6. Youth.  Vacant:Engaged?  [Y]  – Meg Prowting.
  7. Getting Started with Prayer Spaces in Schools  [S]  [C]  [Y]  – Phil Togwell (Prayer Spaces)
  8. Using Sports as a tool to engage with Children and Young People in Ministry [S]  [Y]  [C] – Chris Nall (Forge Sports)