The 7th Joined Up conference is coming to Sheffield on 5th March, 2022!

We’re planning a great day of keynote speakers, workshops, SubWay lunch and short stories to inspire your socks off!

We will be at St Thomas Crookes (STC) for the majority of the day, with lunch and marketplace up the road at Wesley Hall.

Before booking in, visit the workshop page so you can read more details about the workshops, then head over to the booking page to make your selection and pay.

Our keynote speakers will be:

Hannah Chukwu, Assistant Editor at Hamish Hamilton, Penguin Books



Bishop Sophie from the Diocese of Sheffield

There are 21 workshops lined up, and we hope there is plenty for you to choose from.  Can’t wait to see you in-person in March!

Here are our highlights from this year’s online conference back in March 2021.

Run by: