We’re moving online for 2021!

On Saturday 6th March, 2021, we invite you to join us online for our annual conference for Schools, Children’s, Families, Youth and Chaplaincy Workers, for free!

We plan to live-stream to your homes from somewhere in South Yorkshire, bringing you ideas and resources, a chance to worship and pray together and to be inspired to serve God and those we work with.

We are super proud to announce three amazing keynote speakers for the day:

Krish Kandiah from Home for Good

Mark Russell from the Children’s Society

Susie Mapledoram from Manchester Diocese

‘Joined Up’ is like family, and we’re desperate to get together again! For now, it will be online, but we pray that soon we will see each other face to face again.

Book your place here to receive links to our live-streams and workshops on the day.

In the meantime, stay safe and remember:  Wash your hands regularly, cover your face in public, and keep 2 metres distance from others.

Here are our highlights from last March… just before the first lockdown.

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